Our home’s security is something that many will taker very seriously to keep the household safe. While we trust in people not to take what's not theirs, it’s important to be aware that there are those out there wishing to do harm. This is not just to property but to people too.

With that being said, there are a few tips for improving the security of the home in order to create as much of a fortress as possible. Here are five of those tips to help improve the security within your home this year and beyond. 

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Get a key safe

First and foremost, instead of leaving keys out on the side, get high-security key safes from Securikey. This is going to bring peace of mind to all of the vehicles you own and any household keys or keys to external units or properties owned. When they’re all in one place, in a locked key safe, it can provide a sense of ease that no one will be able to get them, even if the home got broken into.

Many will end up leaving their keys lying on the kitchen counter or out on an odds-and-ends bowl for anyone to break in and get their hands on. If it’s visible from the outside, they’ll likely feel more inclined to break in.

Install a home security system

A home security system can often keep away those that are tempted to find a viable home to break into. When there’s a nest security camera outside the front door and a keypad set to trip an alarm should anyone walk downstairs, those would-be criminals, are likely to avoid such a closely guarded property.

Instead, they’ll look for those that don’t have home security or any form of security in place.

Hide the valuables

Valuables are something to be mindful of because they’re the first things to be swiped when they’re seen from outside the home. Whether that’s a flat-screen television in the living room, to a purse sitting in the kitchen on the table.

If the outside world can see into your home, chances are, those valuables sitting out there loud and proud, are going to entice robbers into the property. 

Store prized possessions off-site

Any prized possessions that you feel you can’t keep safe in the home ideally should be placed somewhere else. Storage units are often a good option for those that need to put their most sentimental and prized possessions away from prying eyes and hands.

Don’t show off when you’re away

It’s important to be careful when it comes to social media. It can be an advertiser for those who are looking to actively break into a home. By saying you’re away from the home, it’s going to give those individuals the green light they need to make an attempted break-in. Try to avoid putting anything on social media before returning home.

These tips will help to avoid being too relaxed when it comes to keeping the home secure.

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