LIFESTYLE: How to Plan a Road Trip Staycation


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Staycations are an excellent way to spend your holidays, they offer fantastic value for money, and they’re super convenient. However, a staycation needs to be planned like any other holiday, so read on and make sure you have all the pieces in place before you head off on an adventure.  

Choose a Destination 

If you’re planning a staycation and not a weekend road trip, you will be on the road for a week or two. Weekend road trips tend to be short; even if you plan an overnight stay, you won’t venture far from your home town. With a staycation, you can pick a destination that’s more adventurous. 

Pick a destination you have never been to before but you’ve heard some good things about or one that you know well. While a road trip staycation is all about the journey, you also need some incentive to lure you to the destination. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with going off-course. 

Plan the Routes 

The last thing you want to do on a staycation road trip is arrive at your destination too soon since it’s more about relaxing as you drive and enjoying the scenery and local towns. However, you don’t want to get lost either, so make sure you have a good idea of the routes as you travel. 

It’s possible to get lost on a road trip, so make sure you know where you are at all times; you also need to have a way to contact people if you’re stuck and some tools and spare gas in case your break down. It’s easy to plan the fun stuff but try to anticipate the issues and plan for them.   

Find a Vehicle 

If you’re going to head off on a staycation road trip this year, you are going to need a suitable vehicle. In most cases, a suitable vehicle means a campervan; you can acquire one of these in two ways, you can buy one, or you can hire one. Either way, you need hyundai car dealers

At Hyundai car dealers, you can find a wide range of suitable vehicles for a road trip staycation. Not only can you source the perfect vehicle, but you can also benefit from the staff’s expert knowledge. If you want the best road trip staycation, don’t forget to find the perfect campervan. 

Check the Vehicle 

Even if your road trip vehicle is new, it’s sensible to have it checked by a mechanic before you head off. It’s even more important if the vehicle is used. A vehicle is a complex machine with lots of moving parts; there are many things that can go wrong with it on the road ruining the holiday. 

First, make sure your vehicle has a good engine. Run the vehicle and listen for any unusual sounds or smells; also consider its mileage. Check the oil in the vehicle, too, and make sure you have reasonable fluid levels. You will also want to check the tyres and bring a spare gas can.

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