LIFESTYLE : Good Ways to Help Your Ageing Parents


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You love your parents. They have taken care of you for so long and so well that you want to do whatever you can to help them live long happy lives as they get older, but how exactly do you do that?

Treat the like adults

As your parents get older and start to suffer from more periods of ill health and things of that nature, you can start to take on a more caring role towards them, which is great if you are willing and able to do so, but one thing you should remember is that they are still adults and they are still your parents, So, treat them as the adults they are and do not be tempted to infantilise them as this can be very embarrassing and demoralising for older people who need a little more help.

Keep in touch

Calling or visiting your parents as often as you can as they get older will be much appreciated. Social connection is one of the key things that helps to prevent loneliness and isolation in old people, so no matter how busy life is or how much fun you are having, make the time to check in with them often.

Ask them what they need

You might think you know best, but some parents will want little help from you while others will require more assistance with day-to-day life. Never think you know better than your parents whether they would value moving closer to you or that live in care is not an option for them unless you ask because it is their life and they know themselves best. Obviously, if they are suffering from a condition that might impair their ability to make tough decisions for themselves that is a different matter, but otherwise, always defer to them on matters relating to them.

Get active with them

Some older people are very active and put the younger generation to shame by always being out in the garden, walking around the local hills, or even hitting the gym. If your ageing parents, however, have started to slow down and not get out and active as much, inviting them for a walk or a swim, for example, is probably one of the best things you can do for them. The more time they spend moving around and engaging with other people, the healthier their bodies and minds will be.

Include them in events

Many people can end up feeling lonely as they get older and their friends move away for retirement or sadly pass away. By regularly inviting your parents to events like birthday parties, engagements, and even low-key family barbecues, you can ensure that they feel as big a part of the family as possible. While also ensuring they do not go too long without seeing anyone or being able to talk. The more you see them, the better you will be able to gauge how well they are doing, or not as the case may be, too.

You only have one set of parents, so treat the right.

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