LIFESTYLE: Tips To Help You feel A Lot More Useful In This World 

It can be very easy to feel like a pointless member of society – especially when you get into a bad rut. The fact is that you aren’t, however. You may have even been told a few negative things by awful people and bullies in the past – and it may have affected the way you think – but you should do your best to understand that it isn’t true.


The feeling of uselessness isn’t great because it can stop our happiness and really stunt productivity. We’re meant to be on our feet doing things a lot of the time, so feeling useless isn’t going to help us in our mental health or anything we want to do in life. If you are feeling a little down about yourself recently, here are some things you can do to feel a lot more useful:


Do Things For People You Care About 


When we are making others feel good, it makes us feel good with a kind of mirrored effect. Doing things for people we care about allows us to feel as though we are a vital part of this earth. They’ll be grateful for it. They’ll also be more inclined to help you out in the future – which will, of course, make you feel like a useful member of society.


Learn To Drive And Get To More Places 


If you drive already, then you’ll know how useful this is as a whole. If you don’t, then you might feel a little shackled by your situation. Learning to drive and getting a car for yourself can allow you to do pretty much whatever you want – within reason. You’ll soon be looking at Electric Car Deals or looking for the car you’ve always liked and getting way more out of your days.


Talk To A Mental Health Professional About Things 


When things become a little too difficult, it’s wise to let someone know that you’re struggling – someone who can genuinely help. A professional will get you back to positive thinking and let you view the world through perspectives that you perhaps haven’t seen before. It always seems a little daunting beforehand, but things like therapy tend to work really well. It’s not something that would ever be regretted.


Make Plans And Lists For The Things You Do Each Day/Week


The fact of the matter is that you are more useful in this world – whether you like it or not. There are things you do of value and there are people out there who want you around. If you simply cannot see it, then it’s worth writing down. Sure, this boring task might seem pointless and unnecessary, but it will help you out. Sitting down for ten minutes and writing out the things you have planned for the day will not be much effort and will help you out so much. You’ll feel accomplished when you tick certain boxes and it’ll make you realize that you are a lot more productive than what you’re perhaps telling yourself.

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