LIFESTYLE: 4 Ways To Reduce & Manage Stress As A Busy Mum



Being busy isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it may begin to take a toll on your health and well-being if you’re always rushing around. It’s important that as a busy mum you take care of yourself and make self-care a priority so you can properly care for others.

You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stressed out most days if you’re a busy and working mum. In this case, it’s wise to take steps to work on reducing and managing your stress so you can feel your best and full of energy.

1. Exercise

One way to reduce and manage stress as a busy mum is to exercise and get your heart rate up. You’ll not only be burning calories but will be blowing off steam in the process. Find activities that are fun and enjoyable for you and that help you challenge different muscles and parts of your body. Exercise will boost your mood, help you get into better shape, and you’ll soon notice that you’re not as stressed out as usual.

2. Take A Road Trip with Girlfriends

Sometimes all you need to feel less stressed out is to get away from all the chaos of everyday life. Therefore, consider taking a road trip with your best girlfriends and treating yourselves to a little holiday. Prepare for your trip by buying some new clothes for yourself and making sure your vehicle is in good condition by finding a car servicing location that can help ensure it’s ready to go for your trip. You’ll return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.  

3. Meditate

Another option and way to reduce and manage your stress as a busy mum is to meditate and apply mindfulness techniques to your daily life. Meditation is an excellent way to clear your mind and slow racing thoughts. There are many apps you can use so you can pull up a particular meditation on your phone anytime and anywhere. All it takes is a few minutes of letting go and you’ll feel like a new person. Be patient because meditation can be challenging at first but once you slow down and learn to relax you’ll be in a good headspace for going about the rest of your day.

4. Journal or Talk it Out

Reduce and manage your stress as a busy mum by getting your feelings and emotions out in the open. There are several ways to do so including journaling or talking it out with a close friend or family member. You can use your journal as a way to get what’s going on in your mind down on paper and start to brainstorm solutions to problems you’re facing. You may even want to journal what you’re thankful for and use it as a way to practice daily gratitude. If you feel like your stress is getting out of hand and snowballing then you may even want to consider seeing a therapist who can help you work through your stress and anxiety. 

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