So, how are you feeling today?

If your answer is "completely stressed out," then that is no good at all. In the end, your stress will negatively affect your health, not only on a mental level but on a physical level too. You can read more here;

If you are feeling the effects of stress, then you need to take the appropriate steps to help yourself. 

Here are our suggestions.

Step #1: Stop doing those things that will stress you out

Unfortunately, we are sometimes to blame for the stress in our lives. We smoke nicotine and drink alcohol, two stimulants that negatively affect our stress levels. We hang out with people who bring us down, and who talk and behave in such a way that causes us to feel stress in our lives. And we eat sugary foods that cause our body to crash and we  consequently feel more stressed out due to our tiredness and irritability. To reduce your level of stress then, you should cut out these things, focussing instead on habits that will instill a positive mindset. Seek help for any addiction problems, eat stress-busting foods, swap alcohol for water and natural fruit juices, and if you have any toxic friends in your life, consider ditching them for people who will lift you up rather than bring you down.

Step #2: Engage in more physical activity

This is a proven way to combat stress. When we engage in exercise, we release feel-good chemicals into our brain, and these alleviate any pent-up tensions, leading to a calmer, more relaxed mood state. You should take time to exercise each day then, perhaps by finding things to do that you will enjoy, such as taking part in active hobbies that you won't consider a chore. You might also go for a brisk walk every time your stressors threaten to overwhelm you, as you might then be able to get a better perspective on them and calm yourself down.

Step #3: Find ways to relax at home

Firstly, consider your home environment. Is it conducive to relaxation? If you are surrounded by clutter, you might want to find ways to clear the mass of stuff you have somehow accumulated. By selling, donating, or using storage facilities, such as, you will be able to reclaim your space at home and live in a tidier environment. As the saying goes, a tidy house leads to a tidy mind.

Secondly, make changes to your home to improve your stress level. We suggested ideas here,, so take a look at our article. And then look for activities that will calm you. So, you might take up meditation, try indoor hobbies that will make you happy, and take up journaling to release your negative thoughts onto paper. 

These are our suggestions, and we hope they are useful to you. Let us know what you think, and if you have taken further steps to bring about a less-stressed you, be sure to share your ideas with us too.

Thanks for reading.

*Collaborative post 

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