Well I thought i'd do a little update as 2020 has been a crazy crazy year and its finally coming to an end. Christmas is just around the corner and I think we are all really looking forward to spending some time with our families. 

I know everyone has been effected by Covid in one way or another and I just thought i'd write a little blog post as a little reminder of whats happened this year. 

We started off the year by visiting some National Trusts as we decided to get memberships this year. It was a quiet start to the year and then Covid arrived and things started to change. I started working from home and Clint lost his job. It was such a stressful time and I really worried about what was going to happen. Luckily furlough was introduced and Clint started receiving that from his previous employer. I was also furloughed as a receptionist it was difficult doing my job from home and my company decided to furlough a handful of the support staff. 

We tried to make the most of this time by spending it together and just trying to make the best of the situation. We went for walks, did crafts and found new places to explore. We made the most out of our National Trust cards too and visited some new places. We have managed to get away a couple of times this year, first to Cornwall. We stayed in my Grandads motor home, this was so lovely, this was in August so things were a little relaxed and then we went away and stayed in a caravan in September with my family and again had a really lovely few days away. 

I'm now back working from home, I have a new boss and i'm currently assisting the facilities manager which is good. Amelia has started going to a childminder on these days and she loves it! Shes really coming along and learning to share better and her social skills have improved. We found that lockdown really affected her and she became frustrated and angry and she really needed this bit of separation and space and social interaction. 

Clint has got a new job which he's really enjoying and he's doing really well. It's been good for us to have some space as we were started to get on each others nerves a little bit. It's been a really hard year for us and i'm really looking forward to a nice relaxing Christmas. I've broke up from work now and pretty much ready for the day. We are spending Christmas day at home just the three of us which is going to be so strange but we usually go to both parents and it ends up being alot and a really crazy day and I just don't want to do that this year so we will visit our parents around Christmas instead. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas x 

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