Things have been a little quiet around here. I've been finding it really hard to blog as I don't really have much to write about and I also don't really have the time. I think with all of this Coronavirus stuff going on I think i'm going to have even less to talk about. With potential lockdown ahead I don't really know what i'm going to talk about, I guess I could start writing book reviews and rating my fave netflix programmes. I want to try and hopefully get back into blogging more and share more on here. I share quite regularly on instagram, so give me a follow on there.  We headed to Charlecote park which is one of our favourite National Trusts at the weekend which was lovely, we were both back at work today. I'm now going to be working from home due to our office closing for a while and Clint's been temporarily laid off so I think we might struggle for a little while. I hope that we don't have to self-isolate and we can take advantage of our National Trust cards and spend some time outdoors! I hope you all haven't been affected too much by Coronavirus yet? It sucks!

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