Summer is a time of letting your hair down. We go to the gym and improve our bodies to show them off in the summer, for the ‘summer body’. So, why not our house? It is called a ‘spring clean’ either way, so why not. This article will show some great ways to try and improve your house just in time for the summer.


A big part of a house is the decor that goes with it. The colors, the type of decor, all add to the overall feeling of the house. What do you want the house to feel like when you walk through the front door. Are you looking for minimalism? Then maybe abstract art and sculptures here and there set against a base color (further in the article), will help the house maintain a minimal feel yet maintaining warmth and personality. 


Another thing to consider when looking to revamp your house is the furniture. There may be furniture that is sentimental and you want to keep which is amazing, but changing it every now and then adds a different vibe to the atmosphere inside. From the color to the materials that cover it. Also, the amazing thing with furniture, if that you can do a lot to change it without exerting much effort. With a couch, for example, just changing the cushions and the throws that are on it, can make it look new again, and add a new look to the room it is in.


Something that can accompany the colors of the new cushions or potentially the new furniture that you can get for your redesign, is new colors. This connects to the first point as well, with colors being used alongside different decor and furniture choices to create one cohesive look within your home. What colors are present in your house today? Do you want to change them? What colors gravitate to you today, or present themselves as good choices for the new vision of your house? There are hundreds of more questions, but the best solution to cutting out all those questions is to pick the color that you like. There are no rules when it comes to your home, if you want to paint your house head to toe hot pink, then go for it! Let the house be your canvas, and you as the artist need to add your touch of sparkle to it. 

Don’t Forget the Outside

Lastly, something often forgotten in the winter months is the outside. We want the outside of our homes to sparkle in the summertime just as much as the inside. When it comes to the garden, maybe a patio from Lifestyle Patios is the best, or a trellis to encourage those plants to grow during the spring. Whatever you decide to you, just like the inside your home is your canvas. It should speak of you, and represent what you represent, make it stand out this summer! 

That concludes this article. Good luck on your spring clean and spring redesign, and whatever you do, enjoy the summer in your new home!

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