The UK is a nation of animal lovers with 24% of the UK population owning a cat and 26% owning a dog meaning that there are currently more pets in UK households than ever before. Our four-legged friends are often so much more than just a pet, they’re a friend, a loved one and a member of the family with people splashing out £250,000,000 during the festive season on Christmas gifts for their pets. So a gift guide for our furry friends suddenly doesn’t seem all that out of place? Here are 4 things you could purchase your pet this Christmas. 

  1. Some tasty high-quality food
    Most animals think with their stomachs so buying them some tasty, natural, high-quality food from companies such as Lilys Kitchen is bound to go down a treat and your pets will thank you for it. Most commercial pet food is filled with ingredients that are neither nutritional or balanced for your pet so looking into higher quality food alternatives won’t only keep your pets tastebuds happy but could help to prologue their life too.
  2. A subscription to a Pawsome Box
    Out pets, love treats all year round and subscription box services such as Pawsome Box ensure that they get a seasonal selection of tasty treats and tantalising toys all year round, not to mention there are some things in there for the owners too. Pawsome Boxes can be customised to suit your pet so whether they are a cat or dog, big, small, young or old, there will be a selection of custom treats coming their way each month.
  3. A donation to an animal charity
    Although we love seeing our pets play with new toys on Christmas day why not also help provide for one of the thousands of pets in animal shelters over the Christmas period by donating a portion of your pets Christmas present budget to charities such as the RSPCA where £3 can buy an abandoned pet a Christmas dinner on Christmas day. With 90% of pet owners buying their pets gifts on Christmas day if each of them donated just £3 to an animal charity they could collectively raise a huge amount of money to help pets in need.
  4. The chance to try out something new
    Although we like to buy our pets a physical gift, let’s be honest, many of them also just love the process of ripping apart wrapping paper and playing with it on the floor, so you could wrap them up an empty box if you chose to get them a gift that isn’t something they can immediately play with on Christmas day. People aren’t the only ones who like to try something new, our pets do too, so why not give them the opportunity to experience something fun and exciting in the new year such as subscribing your dog to a series of dog agility classes, or taking your cat to a cat yoga class? There are so many pet based activities that you could choose from which will not only enrich your pets life but help to strengthen your bond with them too.

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