Myself and Clint moved into our very own flat just over a week ago! We've unpacked and were all settled in so I thought i'd share a little flat tour with you. I haven't gone into massive detail but just thought i'd share some of my favourite areas and favourite bits and pieces with you.

The kitchen - our kitchen is small but it's perfect for me and Clint. There's a good amount of space and plenty of cupboard storage. I thought i'd share my gorgeous tea caddies from Next, you can write whatever you like on them using the chalk! I love them and I love my rose gold/ copper kettle and toaster which are also from Next.

The Living Room - This is where we spend most of our time. we have plain black sofas, these were here already which meant we didn't have to go out and buy a new sofa. I've added the blanket and cushion to make it more to my taste. 

We got the Tv Unit from Ikea and the footstall from Homesense. 

I love these prints, the first one is from Etsy, the second from Ella Masters and third from Milly Jackson 

This unit is from Ikea. The lamp is from Homesense, the frame is Umbra from Red Candy , the basket is from Tiger and the candles inside H&M Home

This is my spare room/ dressing room / Office space. In here there are big sliding fitted wardrobes and my big mirror. I have this Malm chest of drawers for more clothes and my desk where I do my blogging. I love the print on my desk by DotCreates.com 

My Bathroom- We actually have this main bathroom and an En suite. I love the flooring, this is in the En suite also. I like the little bits of blue/ mint i've added. I haven't had a bath yet but will nip into Lush this week to get myself some Christmas goodies and have a nice relaxing bath. The wooden thing across the bath is from Ikea, i'm gonna bring a cuppa tea in the bath and maybe bring my ipad in and watch youtube videos.

The Bedroom. I got this gorgeous bed from Ikea, it was only £80 and it's so sturdy and such a great bed. We also got our Mattress from Ikea. I got a new dressing table which is also from Ikea but I bought it off Gumtree. My bedding is from Asda. I really need a new duvet as mine isn't big enough, my old bed was smaller than a double. My lights on my bed are also from ikea.

* this blog post does contain some pr samples, the above blog post is my own honest opinions and thoughts.

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