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So it's official we've got a moving date and are officially moving out! I'm starting to get really excited about moving in and having our new flat. I can't wait to get our stuff in and to have our very own place. It's so so exciting. As we are renting we can't really do much renovating but moving and decorating is a huge step when getting your own place and its something that takes alot of time, money and planning. 

I've been thinking alot about when we finally buy our own house and have to renovate it, my parents only bought my house about 5 years ago and I remember all the work they had to do and I remember the kitchen and bathroom being so so stressful. I think its good to research and get an idea of things you need to buy and things you need to be prepared for. In our bathroom we had to literally rip everything out and start again, We fitted a brand new suite and had the walls and floors tiled. You wouldn't believe its the same bathroom! I love looking at pinterest and looking at dream bathrooms! I'd love marble walls, you can actually get marble bathroom wall panels which is amazing and then i'd get some really nice clean walls and all white bath suite. I'd love some really big slate tiles for my flooring and then some nice clean white gloss ceiling cladding which would reflect the light and make the room look huge. 
I love looking on Pinterest to get home ideas, sometimes theres some really gorgeous ideas that you can try and recreate yourself. 

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