Collection work the collection eyebrow kit - £3.99 - Boots 

I picked up this eyebrow kit the other day because I'm always on the look out for a good brow kit. I don't tend to spend much on brow kits because once the wax is gone I tend to buy a new one. This brow kit is a little bit different, it comes with a clear mascara rather than a wax. The kit instructs to apply the powder and then use the mascara to set.

The powder is really easy to apply and you only need a small amount, i've been using the middle shade.  The mascara then sets the powder. It lasts all day long, and looks as good as other brow kits i've tried.

At only £3.99 its a great price and a good product. I don't think I would use the other colours however i'm sure other people may use them as eyeshadows or contours maybe?

I'm really happy with this little kit for the money, i'm loving some of Collections products right now, I think they have stepped it up abit.

The packaging is simple, the plastic case isn't the best, mine doesn't actually shut properly however theres a handy little mirror and its a nice size.

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Joanna. said...

I have this kit too and I love it! I too use the middle shade for my brows, but I use the lighter colour for a slight contour and eyeshadow whilst the darkest shade is great for an alternative to my usual black eyeliner. Still intense, but not as harsh.