Bomb Cosmetics * 

So I gave this little cutie ago the other day, I must say they are too pretty to use! I think they look fab just dotted around my room and they make it smell great however I've been meaning to review them so I popped it into my bath the other night. It fizzes a little and starts to dissolve slowly in the water.

It makes the water really soft and creamy, you can feel the moisturisers in the product on your skin. There is oil in the product aswell as I could see an oily consistancy on my skin aswell. My skin felt very moisturised.

I love bath products like this and think they make bath time abit more fun! I have showers most the time so they make bath time special. I have a couple of products from Bomb Cosmetics to try out so expect some more reviews. I'm really impressed so far as they are a really affordable brand and have a wide variety of products!

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