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 Black Floral by Johanna Basford for Iphone 5/5s- £25.00*  -

I was kindly sent this gorgeous phone case to review by I was sent it awhile ago now maybe the beginning of october and it's been on my phone ever since. It's such a good quality phone case made from a really thick plastic. I'm one of those people who always always have a phone case of their phones just because i'm so clumsy and terrible at dropping my phone.

The pattern is so cute but classic, I really wanted a phone case that looks expensive and grown up and so this pattern is perfect. I chose the white and black because I have the white iphone and think it looks better.

The case has all the little holes so you can fit your earphones in and use your camera :)

It's £25 which is the same price of the phone cases in the apple shop and I think this ones such a better quality and you have so much choice when picking what pattern to have as they have some very lovely designs.

I will be buying another case from Iconemesis as this one's lasted me so long and I really love some of the designs they have online

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Unknown said...

This is a lovely phone case - I like the pattern