Merry Christmas from BHS

Ahh I'm so excited now for Christmas. I need two weeks off I think haha! I've literally bought one thing so far but i've got an idea of what i'm buying everyone so it's just a case of going out and getting it. I think i'm going to be doing alot of shopping online this year because the shops are already crazy and it's still November. BHS is one of my go to shops at Christmas because I love their gift range. They have so much choice for the ladies the smellies are always fab or a cheeky wine gift set and for the men they have loads of gadgets and toys ;) and the beer sets and there's an endless selection for the kids!

I love the fun and joy of Christmas i'm so excited this year because i've had a lot of changes in my life this year and everything's going to be really different. I'm planning on putting together a few wish lists and some Christmas gift guides on the blog. I'm feeling really festive this year, usually I don't get in the mood until mid December. I've got some time off soon and i'm going to London a couple of weeks before the big day which means I can do some really good shopping!!

I can't wait to head to my local BHS to check out this years Christmas gifts! What will you be buying your loved ones? Do you have any Christmas traditions ?

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Joanna. said...

I've already got some of BHS's lovely goods wrapped up! The hampers, half price at the moment, are excellent!

Rebecca said...

I love BHS at Christmas time, they always have some really nice things :) xx