kurt geiger purchase

final week at uni before christmas and like everyone else i'm skint. Theres loads of things i want to try... morrocann oil, theres so many nail polishes i wanna buy, i need hair treatment so as you can see spending money or even not spending money is an issue right now. however the other day whilst sorting out my clothes show purchases I did come across a Kurt Geiger gift card that I got with my Elle magazines and what did i find on this gift card £20!! so straight away i went on the website to see what i could get.. and tbh not a great deal for £20. There were somee nice woolly gloves in the sale at £9 but I've just bought new gloves... then i came across these little pouch bags, they look like make up bags/ something you would put in your handbag so i found a few for £20 but then the bigger size was £30 and me being me wanted bigger.... bigger is better. so here it is. to be honest the picture doesnt do it justice... its a more pink metallic colour and i love it :D

i was hoping to do my glossy box post tonight but its not here yet wahhh so check out my blog tomorrow :D

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