clothes show live HAUL


 all this barry m stuff for £10

 Models own: buy 3 models own products for £10 and get all this free

 i chose these polishes and the retractable brush

 cheek stain. smells really nice but its really messy

If you saw my last post about the clothes show you are probably wondering what i got from the clothes show well there you go ^^^^ ;D

aswell as this haul i got 2 velvet dresses... the are exactly the same as the ones in topshop retailing at £30 each. i got 2 for £15. this is why i love the clothes show

also dans bought me a tangleteazer but i cant have it until christmas.

the barry m stuff isnt really my colours ect... theres a few things like the nail polish but the stuff i wont use i have put into a bag and im going to give to my little sister for christmas,

the models own bag however was sooo good :D  i really love models own nail polish so i got 2 new shades and new retractable brush for £10 and then i got a bag of goodies.  ill use the mascara some of the eye shadow and probs the lipgloss.

is anyone wants to ask an questions about the clothes show do feel free as ive been the past 3 years :D

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