im saving guys...

001...therefore i cant spendd :'(
im in desperate need of a new camera and laptop and i recon a few more weeks slaving away at pizza hut and i'll be able to get a real good camera and laptop. about £550 saved up so far ;D
002.due to my lack of camera i cannot showw you what ivee been wearinggg :'(
however theres alwayss thingss i want ;D so ill show you them instead.
003.back to college today :'( tbh it wasnt as bad as i expected. my work load is MASSIVE tho. English and History is just revision because ive completed my coursework... finally. but ART omgggg... theres so much to do, i need to do more on my blog... complete sketchbook to a better standard.. finish my barbie dolls and their boxes, and tie everything together making it presentable as a final project. oh btw i have 2 and a half weeks to do this, as well as work and see the boyfriendd

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