technology :'(

shirt; new look skirt;h&m bag; matalann ;) shoes;matalan necklace; newlook belt;primark

seriously, i know it may sound like i exaggerate everything butt my life atmm seems to be going downhill. everything is wrongggg... well my internet didnt wanna work so no bloggingg. i used my ipod (with its cracked screen :@)

i spent my free today doing nothing ¬_¬ got loadsss of work to do.
i need to concentrate on doing my courseworkk now. theres so much to doo.
poland tomorroww... im not ready. its 9.43 i still need to have a bath and sort my stuff outt.

lmaoo at ryan today being knocked over by jadee, then we watched it on the cctv numerous times ;)

actually wasnt late todayy... only because i wasnt in till 9.45
tomorrow is gonna be such a long dayy, 5am at birmingham airport :'( flight to poland is at 7.

ohhh mann.. i am thinking about bringing some coursework to do on the planee. hehe 8) geek i know but im so far behindd
oh yeah; history exam, got a D but i was 2 MARKS of a C thats gutttinggg :'( its getting remarked i need those 2 markss
my life depends on it lool

bathtime then bedtime


amypyt said...

ben in the background ;D

Anonymous said...

hey baby thanks for following- how cute are you?
I so have this shirt too xxxxxx

The Strawberry Cheesecake said...

i love your bag<3