yesterday ..

didnt post yesterday :|
due to the fact that it wassss sooo stressful...
i had college.. personal tutoring on a friday so 8.45 start :'(
i was nearly late as usual
didnt even have time to photograph what i wore
black and white lace dress; topshop and green grandpa cardigan from birmingham clothes show <3
i wish i would have took a picture since i experimented with a middle parting
it got some mixed reviews, some people at work loved//hated it. my middle parting had marmite reations lol
anyway.. so college wernt too bad. went to art did some wax barbie figures
jade went to hospital.. she got bit by a dog lool
had to get the bus to workk :'( was longggggg nearly missed the 66, had to go buy shoes due to the malfunction of my wardrobee (i must take a photo)

7 hour shift.. honestly it wasnt bad. sunday is gonna kill me :'(
close was pretty straight forward :D we were quite dead tbh, got paid to talk hehe
couldnt wait to get into beddd

right now im sat with a cuppa just had some toast (my giving up bread for lent failed when i ate a baguette yesterday :'( ))


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