LIFESTYLE: Driving into the Future: The Latest Trends and Technologies in Cars


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Cars are never far from the news, increasingly so in this day and age where there is more or a focus on their environmental impact than there has ever been. It’s not a coincidence that the “main character” on social media and increasingly in the general media is an individual who runs a car company. For anyone looking for their first car, or anyone looking to change what or how they are driving, the current landscape is a challenging one to navigate, and it’s worth staying abreast of current and future innovations.

Picking a car these days makes as much of a statement about you and your priorities as any consumer decision you make. So when you’re thinking about your next car - a decision which will, ideally, be something that is then tied in for the next five to ten years - it’s important to consider your choices carefully. Let’s look at some of the trends, tips, and technological innovations that you’re going to have to consider for your vehicle decisions.

Driving defensively - how to stay safe on the road

One of your primary considerations when deciding on a new car must be your own safety, especially if you are a female driver. Anecdotally, there is an undeniable difference between how some people treat other road users based on gender. Keeping on point with safety features in your next vehicle, such as the sturdier chassis of Ineos cars and similar details, is something that will stand you in good stead. It’s also worth considering a defensive driving course, whether you’re male or female, because there’s no getting around it; some road users are aggressive and inconsiderate and it’s best to be ready for them.

Keeping it clean - the zero-emission era is closer than you think

When targets are announced to reduce harmful emissions and other environmental hazards, they always sound impossibly far off in the future. But while our roads aren’t due to be emission-free until 2040, there are several points along that path that will need to be taken into account too. Considering the emissions toll of your next car is a huge part of the decision-making process. The less it emits, the less you’re going to pay in a number of ways. And if you can get a non-emitting car, so much the better; 2040 seems like ages away, but we’re closer to 2040 than we are to 2006 - which is when Rihanna released “S.O.S.”. Feel old yet?

Self-driving: When will that be a thing?

Some of us love driving, but not everyone is a fan of the mental and physical exertion involved in long car journeys, and many are waiting on tenterhooks for the day full self-driving becomes possible. Where are we on that?

The bad news is that we’re about as close to full self-driving as we are to emission-free roads. Estimates put the eventual date as some time around 2035. Driving is a complex process - as you’ve learned in your time behind the wheel - and training a computer to recognise hazards and make safe decisions is proving a lot more complicated than some people assumed. If the current test models were put on the road right now, it would be carnage. For now, it’s better to research any potential new car for smart safety features.

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