LIFESTYLE: Top 3 Reasons You Don't Get Enough Natural Light In Your Home

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Natural light is such a beautiful thing for your home interiors. Granted, your interiors aren’t living things, but they still thrive off of light like everything else! The light can enhance the design of your rooms and make your home look more natural and fresh. 

It also presents benefits from an eco-friendly perspective. More natural light means less need for artificial light. Effectively, you should be able to keep your lights off during the day, so you use less energy in your home. 

Unfortunately, your home currently doesn’t get enough natural light. Why is this the case, and can you come up with solutions to these problems?

The positioning of your home

Sadly, your home may be built in a way that positions it away from the sun. So, you never get much natural light in certain rooms because direct sunlight barely reaches them. The annoying thing is, there’s not a lot you can do about the positioning of your home. 

However, one possible solution is to install skylights. Essentially, these are big windows installed on the roof of a room. This will enable more light to come through because you’re opening up an angle that does see direct sunlight. The caveat to this is that the room needs to be capable of having a skylight installed, which many won’t be. 

A lack of windows

Sometimes, you don’t get much natural light because there aren’t enough windows in your home. This is particularly true of certain rooms - like bedrooms or bathrooms. If you don’t have many windows, or the windows are too small, how is sunlight going to enter your home?

Thankfully, the counter to this is simple; install more windows. If a room only has one window, see if you can install another one. Likewise, consider installing larger windows if your current ones are too small. This lets more natural light into your home, particularly the rooms that tend to struggle. 

Obstructions blocking the light

Lastly, many homes suffer from obstructions getting in the way of natural light. Most commonly, trees are the culprits. A big tree with lots of thick branches can grow close to your home and stop lots of sun from coming through the windows. 

It’s very annoying, but there are services that can help with this. Consider getting Tree Lopping  if you need branches removed because they’re blocking the windows. Or, if the positioning of the tree is the problem, it might be time to remove it completely. Always check to see where the tree is placed and if you technically own it. If it grows outside of your property, you might need to contact your local council to get it dealt with. 

Generating more natural light in your home is easier when you identify why you’re currently struggling to get it. The most annoying issue is the placement of your home and how it faces the sun. You can still try to counter this, but it’s much easier to counter the other two problems. 

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