LIFESTYLE: Grief: How To Cope When You Lose Your Child


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When someone close to you dies as an adult, you can take some comfort by thinking about the good times you've shared and celebrating their life as you and others around you will have remembered them.

However, it's not as easy to cope with the loss of a child - especially when it's one of your children. Any parent will find it impossible to comprehend why a child's life had to end so early - and often suddenly, without any warning.

Such losses cut very deep, and you'll undeniably be struggling to make sense of what has happened to you and your child. While there isn't a way to reverse what happened, there are some strategies you and your family can follow to help cope with it all:

Stay Together

When you lose someone close to you, it can often be easy to push everyone else away from you while you grieve. Having some time alone to reflect on the life of your child is a good idea, but it's also good to keep your family and friends close to you.

Your spouse or partner and other children are your family, and they too will be grieving. Don't push them away - you need to support each other.

Don’t Manage The Arrangements Alone

Coming to terms with the loss of your child is one thing, but having the strength and courage to deal with the funeral arrangements alone is another.

That's why it makes sense to share that process with others in your family. For example, one person can speak with a funeral director to talk about a children’s burial chamber funeral or cremation, while someone else can deal with things like the order of service.

Seek Professional Help

There is no single process for dealing with grief and coping with the loss of a child; everyone deals with things in their own ways.

Of course, no one is expecting you, your partner or spouse, your other kids, and anyone in your extended family to be "okay" at such a difficult time.

If you feel overwhelmed with your grief and don't know what to do, remember that you can speak to some bereavement counsellors for support.

Try To Stick To A Daily Routine

Lastly, for your sake and that of your family, it's essential you have some form of daily routine that you can all stick with. Believe it or not, it can provide a sense of comfort and security - especially for other children in your family.

Daily routines might be simple things like having dinner together or taking the dog for a walk twice a day.

Also, don't feel guilty for having a routine; it doesn't mean you are forgetting about your child or what they meant to you in your life. It's just a way to help you cope with their loss.

Final Thoughts

Losing a child is something no parent would ever think would happen to them, yet it sadly affects many families each year.

The suggestions on this blog post are by no means an exhaustive list of how to cope with it all, but they are a good starting point to help you and your family.

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