Parents play an important part in supporting their teenagers through school by staying informed and lending some support and guidance. Teenagers are seeking some independence, but parental involvement is an important part of academic success. Here are the best ways to keep your teenager on track to succeed at high school or college. 

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Attend Parent-Teacher Conferecnes

Teenagers tend to do better at school when parents support their efforts. Going to the school’s open houses or parent-teacher nights are a good way to get to know your teenager’s teachers and what they expect. School administrators might discuss school-wide programs and policies, and what options for after school activities and extras like London student tours parents need to know about. 

Going to parent-teacher conferences is another good way to stay informed, although in later years, staff may only schedule these when more parental involvement is needed to address issues like behavioural problems, falling grades, or benefiting from more advanced work. 

If your teen has any special learning or behavioural needs, you can also set up meetings with teachers and other staff to set up any plans that might help them. 

Keep in mind that you can also request meetings with the teachers, the principal, school counsellors, or other staff any time you need to. 

Visit The School And Its Website

Knowing the layout of the school building can help you feel connected to your teenagers when they talk about their school day. It helps to know where the main office, school nurse, cafeteria, gym, athletic fields, auditorium, and special classes are located. 

Use the school website to find information about:

  • The school calendar

  • Contacting school staff

  • Special events like class trips or dances

  • Testing dates

  • Current grades and missing assignments

  • Sign-up information and schedules for sports, clubs, and other extracurriculars

  • Student resources for life after school

A lot of teachers will also provide access to textbooks and other resources on the website, with details about homework assignments and test and quiz dates. 

Support Homework Expectations

During high school, homework can get more intense, and grades become critical for getting into college. Students who want to go to college will need to prepare for their exams. Amongst all these changes, a lot of teens have to learn how to properly balance school work with extracurriculars, social lives, and part-time jobs. 

An effective way to help them is to make sure that they have a quiet, well-lit space to study what is free from distractions and stocked with supplies they need. Free from distractions means no phone, TV, or internet, other than resources they need for their work. Check-in from time to time to make sure they’re on task. 

Sit down with your teen on a regular basis to talk through their class loads, homework, and study schedule to make sure they’re coping and keeping up. 

Encourage them to ask you or their teachers for help if they need it. Most teachers are available for more help if they need it, and can recommend other helpful resources.

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