LIFESTYLE: Great Tips For New Drivers This Winter



Driving is one of the best feelings you can get as an adult. If you have spent much of your life taking lifts of family and friends or fighting for a seat on public transport, getting behind the wheel is one of the most freeing feelings. 

As you become a new driver during the winter months, there are a lot of things you need to know as well as consider. Passing your test in the autumn means that your first days on the road will be contending with ice and snow and dark nights, and this can be a challenge. 

However not all is lost, and today we want to share some helpful tips for you as a new driver this winter. 

Choose a reliable model 

The first thing you need to do once you pass your driving test is head over to a car dealers and take a look at your options. Most people will say that you should buy a cheap run around for your first car, however it is important to also consider your safety and security behind the wheel. This is why choosing a model that is maybe a maximum of 5 years old and has some safety features is a better choice for you. You need to be sure that your car is fit for purpose and this is the best way to ensure you’ll be safe on the road for your first winter as a driver. 

Avoid snowy days 

It is a rule for any driver, no matter what level you are, that you should avoid the snow. Snow is incredibly dangerous for motorists and if you want to stay safe as a driver this winter, you should not be driving in heavy snowfall. Snow impacts your grip on the road massively, and it may even be hard for you to turn your vehicle and keep control of it in these conditions. If in doubt, don’t drive and stay at home if your workplace allows it. 

Take the pass plus test 

As a new driver straight out of your test, one of the most daunting things on the road will be the motorway. During your regular driving lessons you won’t have been taught how to drive on the motorway and this is why you should now take some extra training to make you feel comfortable on bigger roads. There is a course called the pass plus where an instructor will take you on the motorway and this will help you to overcome any apprehension you may have had about being on the highway. Remember, the motorway is just a bigger road! 

Pack a car sos kit 

Everyone should have a few key items in their car such as a water bottle, blanket, batteries and a flashlight. When you head out on the road as a new driver consider packing yourself a little sos kit that will stay in your trunk until you need it. This can include anything from blankets and coats to water and snacks, and a first aid kit will never hurt either. 

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