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After children your garden and even your home change. That living room makeover you did now has a few additions in the form of children’s toys, however, gardens tend to be transformed even more. Once a tranquil space for sitting, relaxing, and entertaining, it has now become a space for sports, making dens, riding bikes, and making mud pies. However, just because you have children does not mean that your garden has to be less enjoyable for you. Here are some transformative ideas where you too, can have the best of both worlds.

Let Nature Entertain

You don’t have to stock your garden up with all of the latest garden toys to encourage your children to play outside and clutter your outdoor space. Your children will be able to create fun and use their imagination to make even a wide-open space entertaining and enjoyable. Examples of this could be by keeping tree trunk stumps and can be used for obstacle courses or climbing. You could place stepping stones across the gardens and watch them play the floor is lava as they hop from one stone to another. The options are endless, if they can imagine it, they can play it. 

Keep It Bright

As the seasons change so can the level of light. This does not mean that the garden is still not a place to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. By considering your space you can add lighting such as Totallux Outdoor to add an ambiance the adults will enjoy and the light needed to keep the magic and games alive for the children. 

Have A Lawn

For children, nothing beats having a patch of grass to play on. Not only does it provide a soft landing for those tumbles that all children have, but it also provides a soft surface when practicing their forward rolls, cartwheels, and for all ball games. Surrounded by high planters and borders you can create a border that you enjoy that is safely protected from being trampled from little feet. 

Have Sections

To create an aesthetically pleasing garden you will want to separate the garden into sections. This is a genius way to ensure that a section of the garden is designed to still give you that adult space and tranquility, whilst still giving a lovely outlook onto the more child-focused parts of the garden. 

Incorporate A Blackboard Wall

Instead of having artistic masterpieces dotted all over your tiled flooring that can leave a trail of chalk footprints and mess, try using a spare wall or attaching a chalkboard to an area of your garden. With a few scatter cushions underneath or a seating area, you can keep the children entertained for hours on end and still keep the garden looking its best with this designated drawing area. 

Make A Garden Tent

When you have children there are never enough shaded retreats. By constructing a tent in the garden with poles, you can plant climbers to cover the area. Not only have you made the perfect den by making it with plants you have also kept you garden tasteful.

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