LIFESTYLE: How to Support Fashion & Beauty Standards That Are Important To You


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Many of us come to enjoying beauty and fashion simply because it feels good to look good, and helping people look good helps them feel good. There’s no real justification you should have for wanting to look your best, for experimenting with makeup, or with practicing skincare, just like there isn’t any justification you need to make for practicing body positivity or doing your best to live healthily.

Of course, however, fashion and beauty are both extremely lucrative industries, and through our purchases, we support the businesses, influencers and practices we hope to see. That doesn’t mean you should hold yourself to task or commit to days of research before you buy foundation. It just means that having a healthy interest in this can ultimately allow you to invest in practices you wish to see, such as cruelty-free makeup, while finding excellent products in kind.

First, it’s important to consider what standards are important to you. Is vegan makeup something you care about? What about foundation for those who have darker skin tones not usually represented in makeup? What about just wanting to feel as though you get value for money? Those are all great. Let’s consider how you can support businesses engaged in those practices, ahead:

Purchase The Products & Share Discount Codes

Of course, the best thing you can do is vote with your wallet. But it may also be that you can make use of promotions, or use discount codes, or share referral links to friends who might also want to try the product you’re into. This doesn’t mean you have to become a brand ambassador, but if you believe in something and the company has treated you well, such as with their shaving soap, it can’t hurt to share that with someone you care about. They might be interested, too!

Promote On Social Media

If a company is doing what you consider to be good work, why not share their efforts on social media? A simple retweet can mean a lot for a startup firm, or it can at least allow companies committing to research see what their user base wishes to see more of. Engagement may seem like something you don’t really have to engage in, and that’s true, but it does help you have an effect.

Review The Product, Too!

A fun and worthwhile exercise can involve reviewing the product on your own terms. This might mean uploading a video review to your YouTube channel, or writing a blog post about it, or simply recommending it on Twitter. When people see what you have to say, even if that involves some flaws or improvements that could be made, you are able to put your thoughts out there and help others understand why certain principles are important to you. Perhaps it will then become important to them, too! This can make a tremendous difference in the discourse, and as such, it’s important to never doubt your voice.

With this advice, we hope you can support the fashion and beauty trends standards, values or virtues that are important to you.

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