LIFESTYLE: Top 5 Eco-Friendly Interior Design Tips



If you’re looking to give your home an update this spring, why not consider some eco-friendly additions to freshen up the place? Include some natural touches and bring the outside in. Create more space and let the clean air ventilate your home. You could also look into using sustainable materials for renovation projects, such as beautiful pieces of reclaimed wood. If you’re mindful about your choices, you can minimise the environmental impact they have. Here are five quick eco-friendly interior design tips.

Get in touch with nature

Decorating your home with plants will create a calming atmosphere. Bring nature inside this spring with some lush green plants and fresh flowers. Be careful to make environmentally-conscious choices about the plants you buy to keep your "plant miles" down. Go for local indigenous plants that haven’t been imported. These will also be more likely to thrive in this climate. Speak to someone at your local garden centre for help and advice. 

Sustainable materials

If you’re planning on making big changes to your home such as a full renovation, use sustainable materials. For example, reclaimed wood is incredibly versatile and can be used for both your interior and exterior. It’s very durable and practical, but stunningly attractive. Each piece could tell a story. There are plenty of websites which will tell you to source reclaimed wood near you. If you can, find out where the wood you’re using originated from.

Upcycled creations

Perhaps you’re the creative type and would like to add a personal touch to your renovations. Upcycling is a fun and eco-friendly way to do this. If you have old furniture in the attic you can revamp it yourself and find it a new use. You could also buy cheap second-hand furniture and other materials in charity shops to upcycle. Upcycling is the most eco-friendly yet stylish way to furnish your home because you’re recycling used items and turning them into statement pieces. 

Keep it clean

In order to maintain an eco-friendly home, you need to keep it aerated and clean. Rearrange your furniture and consider changing your window coverings to let in as much natural light as possible. Open windows and ventilate naturally to help rid your home of dust, bacteria and allergens. You could even hire Green cleaning service if it’s in need of a big job. There are green cleaning businesses that only use organic cleaning products and environmentally-friendly methods to deep clean your home. 

Minimise VOC content

What’s VOC you ask? VOC stands for volatile organic compounds which are found in many interior design products including paint, adhesives, and even synthetic carpets and cheap furniture. Make sure you avoid decorating products with VOC content and look for Green-seal certified products instead. This won’t give off chemicals that are to the environment, and that can even be toxic overtime. With a few quick updates you can turn your home into a green oasis. Eco-friendly interior design doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. It’s actually a more minimalist, cleaner approach.

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