Curiosity is an important component in a child’s learning journey, and life in general. It’s what drives us to uncover new information and figure out how the world works. With that said, it’s important for parents to encourage their children to become inquisitive and ask lots of questions from a young age, to help them learn and grow continually. An independent day and boarding school in Hitchin have some tips.

Start by making sure you answer your child’s questions, even if you’re busy. It’s easy sometimes to shrug them off when you’re in the middle of something, but this will only discourage them from asking more questions in the future, thus stunting their curiosity. If you don’t know the answer, it’s a good idea for the two of you to try and figure it out together, by researching online or looking through a few books.

Try and help your child experience new things on a regular basis, by visiting various places or pursuing new hobbies. This will stimulate their inquisitive side because they will likely have lots of thoughts and questions. If they become used to something, they will cease to be curious about it. This might mean breaking away from your usual routine from time to time but it will be worth it if it’s stimulates your child’s learning and creativity.

Another way to encourage your child to be inquisitive, is to be inquisitive yourself. As you go about the day’s activities with your child, ask lots of questions. For instance, if it starts to rain you could say “do you know where rain comes from?” and then you can discuss the answer together. When reading a story to your child, ask them “how do you think this story will end?” and see if their predictions come true. Try and create an environment where asking questions, talking openly and exploring different things is normal.

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