Finding the funds to finance your property and interior design renovation sometimes isn't as simple as you'd first like to think. The property market has been suffering several wobbles in recent years due to an unstable economic climate and many homeowners are turning to property renovations and home makeovers when they feel like a change instead of moving to pastures new. 

With our homes being precious places where we go to relax, socialise and spend time with loved ones it is important we have space that's not only comfortable but also pleases the eye. 
But even when you have a hundred wonderful ideas on how you’d like to refresh and revitalise your home, sometimes financially you just can't afford to commit to it. Home improvements and renovations don't come cheap, especially for larger jobs like repainting your bathroom or kitchen. You especially don't want to cut corners on there's, especially if you're looking to increase the value of your home in time. 
Fortunately, you don't have to wave your dreams of an updated and aesthetic space goodbye due to lack of funds. Here we’ve outlined some of the top ways for you to get a cash injection to truly make your house a home. 
Take a look at a few options and decide which one is right for you.
Tap Into Equity By Refinancing  
If you are lucky enough to know that you have substantial amounts of equity tied up in your house, now might be a good time to dip into it if you want to take on a redesigning project.  Refinancing your mortgage helps you to get a lower interest rate, lower repayments and it also gives you a chance to cash out on some equity. If you're not looking to sell, to get some profit from the equity released- a cash-out refinance will potentially free up a  lot of cash that can then go towards your decorating dreams not to mention anything else you've had your eye on.  
Get a Home Equity Loan or Personal Loan

To avoid the hassle of completing several tedious and frustrating re-mortgaging forms you may want to look into getting a home equity loan or personal loan. Using your home as collateral you can get a loan for home improvements. Alternatively, there are personal loan companies like Buddy Loans that can lend you the cash you need if you need to get the work done in a hurry. 
Ask A Friend
When it comes to renovations that need to be done quickly and if you're credit rating is really not up to scratch. Consider asking a friend for help. They are more than like not going to charge you an insane repayment amount and they are more than likely just happy to see you doing home improvements and making your living space more enjoyable for yourself and your family. An added bonus of borrowing from a friend is that you may have much looser repayment terms, repayment schedule and interest rates, if there are any at all. 
Get A Reverse Mortgage
If you're a retiree on a fixed income it can be difficult to finance much-needed home improvements like bath rails or stair lifts. It may not feel comfortable to use a chunk of your savings on renovation projects. Luckily there are a few options for the elderly. For those aged 62 and over, a reverse mortgage is an option for financing costly endeavours. A reverse mortgage works by converting a small part of your equity into cash. It’s a perfect solution for retirees who may be asset rich but cash-poor and be strapped for finances. Secondly, with a reverse mortgage, it doesn't need to be repaid until after your passing or when you decide to sell your property.
Use a Zero Percent Interest Credit Card

Taking out a loan for home renovations and improvements usually involves paying back heft sums in interest. Make sure that you have a strict budget in mind and keep track of the costs of things as you go, to avoid being stung with an unexpectedly large contractor bill at the end. A good way to keep on top of things is to consider financing your work with a 0% interest credit card. Some credit cards feature 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 to 18 months. Make sure that you pay off the credit card during the introductory rate period and you’ll save yourself the hassle of being overcharged.  
Bottom Line
This is your home and you should be 100% comfortable and proud of your space. So if feel your house is outdated you have the chance to do something about it. Explore your financing options and choose an option only if you feel 100% comfortable with it.

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