Expressing your sophistication through the interior design of your house whilst also creating a functional space at the same time can be a whirlwind of confusion. Many features look absolutely wonderful yet serve no purpose other than their aesthetic value, essentially rendering them useless. However, there are ways of creating a design that you love inside your home, whilst still ensuring it contains all of the necessary pieces you need to live comfortably. If you want to find out how to renovate your home to the best standard in all respects, read on for some top tips to guide you through the process room by room.

The Kitchen 

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, there’s so much scope to create a modern, classy room whilst still retaining all the essential fixtures and fittings. Try to keep all of your white goods from the same brand to ensure continuity, and invest in the entire range with regards to toasters and kettles as mismatched items can deduct from the overall look of your kitchen. For your sink area, opt for a stainless steel tap with a hose arm attachment to upgrade your technology and add a more modern feel. A range cooker will push those positives even further, and also give you more space to serve a greater number of guests when entertaining. The surfaces in your kitchen can make or break the design. Choosing granite or marble will be luxurious for sure, and their sturdy nature means that they’re sure to last a lifetime and look amazing throughout. It’s also a good idea to install some spotlight LED’s, as not only do they look sleek but they can be bright enough for you to be able to get your chef on and present every dish perfectly. 

Living Room

Your living room doesn’t need to provide that much other than seating and some kind of entertainment system, so you can let the design side of things take a stronger hold. Leather sofas can be an amazing option to include comfort as well as luxury, and can make a great statement centrepiece. Partner these with some fur throws and oversized cushions to increase relaxation and stop the sofas from becoming dull and plain. For your entertainment system, bigger is not always better. You may be attracted towards the latest and largest sound system with it’s huge speakers, but if you won’t actually be using it on a regular basis there isn’t much point in wasting the space or money. Many TV’s are now smart, meaning they basically contain a whole host of different features such as film subscription services, internet access, as well as recording programmes both whilst you are watching and when the device is switched on. Combining all of these together is convenient and efficient, and they even come with 3D capabilities if you want to take it a step further. The lights you choose in your living room should reflect your lavish tastes whilst still serving their purpose, so go for a new age voice activated option to reach a whole new level of opulence.


The bedrooms in your home are some of the easiest spaces to renovate. Focus on main pieces of furniture, such as your bed and vanity unity. A queen sized bed may seem the height of luxury, but the room it will take up may not warrant the investment. If you’re a little more classic or vintage in your tastes, why not consider a 4 poster bed to feel like a royal every night. A vanity unit is an essential feature, and there are so many different ones available to suit your own tastes. Opt for one that includes its own drawers and compartments to store makeup and other accessories, so you can keep everything that you need within reach and speed up your morning routine. Take a lot of care when you renovate each bedroom, as they should have a certain atmosphere and feel dependent on whoever resides inside. The main goal should be to achieve a space that helps you to relax and unwind each night to drift into a restful sleep, but still contain what you need to wake up and prepare yourself properly the next day.

Bathroom & En-Suite 

Most people’s inspiration for en-suite or bathroom renovation comes from various hotels they have visited or scrolled past online. These are great ideas to base your own designs on, as they are usually very luxurious and quite easy to imitate at home. One of the best items to invest in to create the ultimate feeling of splendour is a free standing bath. They are amazing additions to any bathroom that can warrant the space, and the different tub and feet types can match in with other aspects of your bathroom to increase the aesthetic value too. If you choose gold coloured feet, continue this through the entire theme with other fittings such as taps and small accessories like soap dishes and various handles. To continue on with a perfect theme throughout, try and keep the same shape for both your bathtub and your sink(s). Although it may take some time to find the right pairing, this will wow any guests that happen upon your bathroom, and the effort you have gone to will reflect upon the style so positively that it will be so worth your while. Stick to one block colour such as a delicate peach or duck egg blue for walls and floors, and use different tones if you want to switch it up a little.

Renovating your home to a luxurious standard doesn’t have to mean that you have to substitute function for style. You can include many rich features in your house that also serve their purpose sufficiently, you just have to put a little more thought and effort into researching and planning your design. These useful tips should help you get set in the right direction and help you to achieve the home of your dreams. 

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