We haven't had a holiday this year so i've been looking back through my photos of our previous holidays. I've been to lots of amazing places over the last few years, Florida, Ibiza and the Canaries. are running a campaign all about Catching and Creating Memories While Travelling so I thought i'd share some of my favourite holiday memories and what I do with my holiday photos.

You can check out one of my recent blog posts all about my favourite holiday moments, we recently went to Ibiza and Florida and had the most amazing time.

I love taking photos on holiday, of places and people. I like to look back at photos and remember the amazing times we've had and I always seem to remember the good times better when i'm looking back through photos.

Most of my photos just end up on my laptop in folders and on memory cards, I sometimes upload them to Facebook so that my family and friends can see them( yes i'm one of those annoying friends that uploads their holiday snaps)

I also have a few photo albums and keep some of my favourite snaps in these to look back on. These are handy to show photos to family that don't really like computers or don't have Facebook.  I also like to just sit and look through them every now and again, I've always liked having actual photos printed out and it's so easy to do now as there's so many app's you can use to print photos and it's really affordable to get them printed now.

As well as my photo albums I have lots of frames dotted around my apartment these are just a few of my favourite frames but we have them in every room, even the hallway. We have had some really amazing times together over the last 4 years and I love having photos around to remind us of all the special times we've spent together.

We are about to have a baby and i'm so excited to go on our first family holiday, i'm going to take photos of absolutely everything and I will be filling up photo albums with our family snaps to keep them safe forever and ever. What do you do with your holiday photos, do they just end up on your laptop or do you get them printed out? Do you have any amazing holidays coming up? If you need some inspiration then check out lots of amazing destinations here on

*Collaboration with, they did not pay for this post however they did gift me a voucher to buy some new albums/ frames for my photos

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