Today i'd thought i'd write up a few tips that are easy and afforable that everyone can do to try and stay healthy. When I say Healthy I mean physically and mentally.

Exercise- I know this cliche but exercise really helps the body! Physically it helps bone health, reduces the risk on high blood-pressure which can cause strokes and heart disease. Mentally exercise can reduce Anxiety and depression. It relieves stress and can help you sleep better and generally boosts your mood. You don't have to spend lots of money on a gym membership, head down to your local park and do a few laps around the pond.

Drink Water: Again another obvious one but alot of us don't do it. Drinking water reduces fatigue, treats headaches, helps digestion and flush out toxins as well as keeping our bodies hydrating and energised. Not drinking enough water can lead to serious health issues and it's free! You get it from a tap at home, even bottled water is so cheap!

Go to the Pharmacy: When we do get sick most of us call the doctors! Most pharmacists will be able to help you with so many day to day illnesses and can give you products that can be bought over the counter before you even visit the doctor. You can also reputable websites like The Independent Pharmacy  where you can browse the site for your symptoms by going through the conditions and then they recommend a treatment for you and you can order straight from the site. For people who don't have time to go to the doctors or chemist this is a convenient way to get your medicine. They also have an Online Doctor Service so you can get the help you need to finding our what illness you have.

Have a positive outlook on life : I think by trying to be a more positive person and having a positive outlook on life you can be a healthier minded person. I really struggled for a while and would always see the worst in people and life but now i'm more optimistic and think more about whats going on behind closed doors and that you shouldn't always assume. Give people the benefit of the doubt!
 I have a book all about mindfulness that I find good to flick through and also like to do abit of yoga!

Move around more : With us all sat at computers all day and we get the bus or tube to work our bodies are not moving enough. I actually have a job where i'm on my feet all day and i'm sometimes running around all day. I also walk to work and it makes me feel so much happier and ready for the day that I used to feel when I got the bus. Being a little more phyiscally active with have endless benefits on your health.

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