Today is World Heart Day! It's the biggest global awareness-raising platform for Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). The World Heart Federation is dedicated to leading the global fight against CVD, including heart disease and stroke.

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Today is also the unveiling of Beta Heart which is a new product designed to help lower or maintain blood cholesterol. The Vanilla- Flavored powder contains the key ingredient OatWell oat beta-glucan. Which has been shown to reduce/ maintain blood cholesterol. High cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease.

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I thought i'd share a simple recipe for some yummy healthy pancakes which i've added the Beta Heart powder into. These are really easy to make and are healthy alternative to normal pancakes.

First up you will need :
35g of Oats
90g Yogurt - you can use fat free natural yogurt, I prefer Greek Yogurt. You want enough to cover the oats well. you may want to add vanilla essence if your using a plain yogurt. 
2tbsp sweetener 
two eggs 
1 scoop of Beta Heart powder 

First mix together the yogurt and oats and leave in the fridge overnight if possible, if you forget to leave overnight you want to leave it for a good hour or so.

Next up mix in the other ingredients, 2 eggs, sweetener and Beta Heart powder. This is your mixture, it should resemble a batter mix.

Heat your pan and spray some Fry Light to prevent the mix from sticking. You want to heat your pan on a low heat. When the pan is hot use a ladle and pour in your mixture. I tend to do a nice medium size pancake but its up to you whether you prefer a smaller size or larger size.

When one side is golden and the top has started to bubble/ gone yellowish then it's time to flip it over and cook the other side through, this usually doesn't take too long.

Repeat until you've used up all of your batter mix. Serve with whatever topping you like. I love banana and Nutella, it's my favourite pancake topping! What do you have on your pancakes?

Again be sure to check out the World Heart Day and Herbalife website for more information about today and find out what changes you can make to your life to ensure you have a healthy heart.

* this post contains pr samples, I have not been paid for this post. The views are honest and my own.

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