Everyone has their own taste when it comes to fashion, style and interior. It's so interesting to see what people do with their homes and how different one house can look compared to another. You can buy home magazines and keep up to date with the latest home trends and fashions or put your own individual stamp on your home. Today i'm going to talk about kitchens and how kitchens tend to stick to a traditional layout and i'm going to mention some of the key kitchen trends that are popular right now. 

We have a little kitchen but I love how cosy it is and it's a great size for just the two of us. Our Kitchen is very white like the rest of the apartment but I love this because it means you can just buy accessories to add that pop of colour and you can change the colours easily by just buying new accessories. Our kitchen is the only room which has a colour on the wall. We had a pink stripe accent wall which I love, it just adds a nice subtle bit of colour to a very white room. We have white cupboards and the other walls are white. Most of the accessories around the Kitchen are monochrome and we have a few Rose Gold bits like our toaster and kettle and our clock which actually works really well with the pink, most of our other bits are stainless steel.

I think simple, clean rooms are on trend right now. White washed walls and pretty simple layouts are very popular and then accessorizing with a mixture of new and old furniture and accessories. Plants are also so on trend right now, you can easily add plants to your Kitchen, whether its on the window-sill and you just grow your own herbs or a artificial plant on top of a cupboard. I tend to have fresh flowers in the Kitchen because we don't have any windows in our kitchen. I have a couple of Aloe Vera and cactus plants too which I sometimes move into the Kitchen as well as I think the Green against the white walls works really well.

I love the idea of exposed brick in the kitchen and think this would give a cottage feel to a kitchen, along with some beams or wood would look gorgeous. Our Kitchen is too modern and clean but if we moved house i'd want to add more character to the Kitchen. I'd love an island with clean Marble worktops like this one from Mayfair Granite  Marble and brass/ copper is very on trend right now and I think it would be amazing to have a Marble worktop. 

What is your kitchen like? Do you live in a rented property like us and can't do much with your traditional kitchen? What would your dream kitchen be like? 

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This post is in collaboration with Mayfair Granite

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