I had a little look on my timehop the other day and it was so strange, I've had my job for a whole year, I work in retail but it got me thinking about how much has changed in a year and also how much i've done in a year!

Since I started my job i've been on 3 holidays one of those being to Florida, i've been to Wales, London, Weston, I've graduated!

It's been such an amazing year! My biggest accomplishment was graduating, I can't believe I got my 2:1 all the hard work paid off ! I really want to go on and get my teaching degree but right now i'm happy just working full time and trying to experience as many things as I can.

We got to go to America which was amazing and totally worth all the stress. We booked it with not much time to save money but it was amazing! We had the most amazing time, I loved Universal and all the shopping!!

We went to London for a blog event and had such a great day! We went on the London Eye and got to be tourists. This time last year we went to Wales and spent the weekend in a cottage and visited Aberyswyth which was so good!

We spent another Christmas and New Year together, birthdays and Valentines day.
We actually spent my 22nd birthday in Gran Canaria which was perfect, we're hoping to go away for my 23rd and we will be in Dublin for Clints 27th birthday next week.

I'm so excited for whats going to happen next, we are looking at booking a holiday for my birthday and then I think we will start to think about finding somewhere to live together. I thought i'd just share a little update with you guys, hope you enjoyed todays post as it's a little different.

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