No #7 loose powder

okay so today i actually planned to do nothing... instead at 12:38 i am now doing a post which is iin fact meant to be topshop tuesday however i got abducted and cannot be bothered right now to 'faf' about copying and pasteing so i'll do it tomorrow maybe. anywayy back to being abducted... i went to my nans out of bordem today as i dont see much of her and she gets so happy when i go to see her so i did lol and i went there and have just returned. at about 11 oclock i returned home. i left at about 2:30 this afternoon lol. so yeah i ended up watching so much daytime tv, then eastenders, then the great british bake off(which btw is amazing) and this film, daddys little secret (such a gooden,old film... watch it) 

i bought a concealer and a loose powder yesterday which i used today.
didnt do an outfit post as i looked like a tramp today.

the concealer is really good, it does create a smoothe outcome, hides spots and blemishes and dark circlesh gowever i got quite an orange shade :( i bought the 'fair' shade so maybe opt for the other option.

the loose powder is very thin, i use mineral foundation so i was hoping for somthing along them lines but found myself empty handed then i saw this powder and thought it would maybe work as some kind of coverage for my face, how ever the shades are too pale, and the consistancy is too thin. it does work well on top of a foundation i think it would work bettter on top of a liquid foundation...


Hazydayss said...

pretty nails! :)

BA said...

Ooooh I love the great british bake off as well! Bad times about the powder and concealer not being all you hoped! Love your nails xxxx