So you may already know that I joined Slimming World back in March and since then i've lost 2 Stone 5.5lb all together. This has meant my body has changed so much. Today I thought i'd talk about boobs, you may or may not know that I actually work for a company that specialise in bigger boobs and i'm also a bra fitter so I know abit when it comes down to bras/ boobs etc however I'm no expert and everyone is different! I just thought i'd talk about whats happened to my boobs since i've been loosing weight. 

I used to wear a 32GG in most bras I had quite full boobs and never struggled much with styles. I could pretty much try on anything and get it to fit and work with my boobs. I had the same size in my Panache sports bras aswell. 

Since loosing weight i've now gone down to a 30G/GG depending on the style. I have a 30GG in my favourite black bra which is Envy by Panache but I think this is a little big for me now. I have been wearing it so much recently though so it may have stretched abit too. My Freya Deco is a 30GG and this fits me well. It's a plunge style so doesn't sit high in the middle. I love the Freya Deco it's one of my absolute favourite styles and i've had quite a few different colours and sizes. I feel like the GG fits me well at the front so I don't spill out however I have a bit of space in the top of the cup. This is because the Deco is much more of a structured style and i'm not as full at the top of my boobs anymore. This is an issue I see alot as a fitter as when your weight changes/ if you have a baby or you get older your boobs can lose there fullness and you can notice you have a little bit of room in the top of your cups. A way to hide this is by going for a fuller bra. Typically a full cup will work better because of the way it cuts across. A balconette will sometimes go baggy in the top of the cup where your not as full so I wouldn't really recommend this style but as I said above everyone is different. I have the Freya Chameleon bra in a 30GG and this fits lovely around the back but it's very loose in the top of the cup now where i've lost weight so I don't think this style suits me anymore. As I said above I used to be able to wear any bra but my boobs have changed alot since loosing weight. 

Not everyone will loose weight or change bra size when loosing weight because everyone looses weight differently. I would recommend getting a proper fitting done if you are unsure of your size. Usually a bra fitting is recommended every 12 months or so but if you are loosing weight you may need to have your size checked more frequently to make sure your wearing the correct style and fit. 
I really need to get a new black bra because i've been living in my one, I want to pick up a new Freya Deco so I may get this in black but I also love the new Freya Fancies longline but i'm not sure if this style will work for me but I will try them in a 30G first as I feel like my 30GG might be a little big but the styles can vary from one another. 

Have you ever noticed a change in your boobs when you've lost weight? Did they stay the same or change significantly? Everyones different so just because my boobs have changed alot don't mean yours will too! 

* this post contains pr samples, they are marked with an asterisk (*) I have not been paid for this post it's my own views and opinions. 

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