Freya Deco Bra £34.00* and Thong £10.50* - Freya 

I have to say something I spend that extra penny on is Lingerie. I am a 32GG meaning I can't just walk into any old store and pick up a bra, luckily for me I work in a Lingerie shop that does stock 32GG so I never have to worry about looking for places to shop. This is my latest set, it's the Freya Deco in this amazing leopard print pattern with gorgeous neon orange detailing. The bra alone retails at £34.00 which is about 8 times the price of a bra from Primark, however you are getting a better quality of bra and I am getting a bra that actually fits me. A bra should last from 6 Months to a year depending on how you look after them so for me this is a long term investment. This is my first Freya Deco however they come in so many different colours and styles, I will be buying more! 

Legal and General have created the Things worth investing in campaign to make people think about how much we spend on products and whether its better to spend abit more on a product if it's a good investment. Read more about the campaign here

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