Some of you may know that I now work in retail. My job title is a sales consultant however the store I work in sells lingerie for ladies with a bigger bust. My job has opened my eyes to breast surgery and why it's good and bad. 

In the media recently i've seen stories about women getting breast surgery on the NHS and one case in particular a women has created quite a stir about this. I think it's great that some women who want to have surgery due to having cancer or other operations can choose to have surgery and the NHS will pay however some women really don't deserve it. 

I've heard a few horror stories about patients of breast enhancing surgery that has honestly put me off ever wanting any kind of cosmetic surgery. Last year in the UK over 11,000 women had breast surgery of some kind so these stories don't put everyone off. I have heard of some ladies having nipples put back in the wrong places and problems with silicone. These women have to then deal with these mistakes unless they then decide to have more surgery. I spoke to a lady to had a reduction and they put her nipples to high. She decided to go back so they could correct this but again they put them too high. She now has problems buying bras, it must be so nerve-wracking.

There are companies like Leo Claims Medical Negligence who specialize in cases such as injuries from surgery or undesirable results. I can imagine how difficult it would be to claim compensation from a medical professional however compensation is made available to help with the financial difficulties that can arise then surgery does go wrong. 

*sponsored post : I have seriously considered breast surgery in the past. I have big breasts and have thought about having a reduction so I feel this is something that's relevant to me and my readers. All content is my own opinions.

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Unknown said...

Seeing so many popular bloggers talk about how they've had theirs done is a little frightening. It is fair enough if they're not happy with their bodies but there are many many young readers that will look up to them and consider it as a standard thing to do. Brilliant post x