LIFESTYLE: Breast Uplift Post Pregnancy

For those of you who don't know I recently got a new job, I now work for a company who specialised in lingerie and clothing for ladies with a bigger bust. As part of my job I see alot of boobs in all shapes and sizes. I have become interested in breast enhancing surgery and changes that women want to make to their breasts. The body is something alot of women struggle to deal with and in my job I get to see first hand how insecure some women are about their bodies and breasts. I wanted to feature this post as I have a lot of mommy readers who may feel this relates to them but also some women are simply not happy with their boobs and i'm sure these tips may be interesting to everyone.

After pregnancy it’s not easy to get your body back to the condition that it was before. Even if you lose all of the weight you gained during pregnancy, a lot of the time your body will have changed and it will never go back to the way it was before you conceived. A lot of people are fine with this because their lifestyles have changed too. However, some people’s bodies change much more than others and the change, for some, is much harder to deal with as they have to deal with stretch marks, wearing bigger clothes and even drooping breasts. This is generally the area that affects new mums the most, as breasts are viewed as the ultimate sign of femininity.
Immediately after pregnancy, a lot of women are perfectly happy with the size and shape of their breasts because they’re full of milk and therefore much fuller. However, as soon as new mums stop breastfeeding they’ll find that they’re breasts are no longer as perky as they were before or during pregnancy. This is something that’s mainly an issue for women who have gone through multiple pregnancies. So, what are your options if you’re looking to lift them back to their former glory?


Hard work in the gym is one option, although this is no quick fix. If this is the route you choose to take then any kind of exercise that focusses on the pectoral muscles will help you in achieving the look you’re after. Exercises like bench presses, dips and push-ups will all help in the quest to regain your pre-pregnancy breasts.
For people who don’t want to go to drastic measures to get their body back, these exercises are a great way to get results. However, exercise can only do so much and visible results can take a long time, which is why a lot of people opt for surgery.


Although it’s possible to have surgery on your breasts before you have children, or when you’re still planning on having more, it isn’t recommended because your skin is likely to stretch again so further surgery might be necessary to rectify the same problem.
Surgery isn’t for everyone, but sometimes it might be the answer. However, it’s really important to choose a qualified and reputable surgeon and clinic like Cosmetic Surgery Partners. 


For women whose breasts have sagged over time due to the constant stretching that bearing a child causes and age, having breast life surgery could be a viable option. Breast uplift surgery aims to remove excess, unnecessary skin and some breast issue in order to relieve weight in the breast. This enables surgeons to lift and reshape the breast so that they sit much higher and firmer.


Breast augmentation is also a popular choice. However, this kind of surgery can only be done when you’ve decided to stop having children as it could affect your ability to breastfeed in the future.
Both of these types of surgery are considered major surgery and will therefore probably require an overnight stay in hospital. You’ll also be given strict instructions after your operation about caring for your wounds. Your surgeon will talk to you about activities that you should avoid doing and how long you should avoid them for in order to make the speediest and best recovery possible.


The majority of women who have this type of surgery are over the age of 30 and have finished having children. However, it is possible to have this type of surgery at an earlier age, it is particularly common for women who have particularly heavy breasts as the weight of them causes drooping.

After surgery

Recovering from this kind of surgery can take a while and women who chose to go under the knife will be advised to take at least a week off work after the operation, in order to allow their body to recover.
You should be aware that the scars from surgical procedures can take anything from a few months to a year to fade away and although the results of surgery are long-lasting, they’re not permanent. There are a number of things that could affect the results of your surgery in the future, including a further pregnancy, weight gain and aging. 

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